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Cloves. Health benefits of Cloves

Although cloves may not be frequently used in your dishes (yet! ), they are more than deserving of a place in your diet. The flower buds originate from a particular kind of native tropical evergreen tree and have been utilised for ages in a variety of cuisines. Due to their numerous pain-relieving properties, they are also an important component in Ayurveda. 

Cloves. Health benefits of Cloves

The advantages don't stop there, though. The spice's high antioxidant content packs a nutritional wallop and benefits the body in a variety of ways, including regulating blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and easing gastrointestinal pain.

(6) Benefits of Cloves

1- Cloves might assist in controlling your appetite levels.

Using cloves might help stop your stomach from grumbling in between meals. Cloves include an astonishing quantity of fibre, which is a nutrient that can help control your appetite. Just one teaspoon of cloves has almost one gramme of fibre.

2- Control your blood sugar levels.

One simple way to maintain control over blood sugar levels is to simply add cloves to meals, which will please anyone who is keeping an eye on their numbers. Manganese, a mineral found in cloves, can help control blood sugar levels.

3- toothache

Due to the eugenol they contain, which functions as a natural antibacterial, cloves may be able to aid with toothaches, which is one of the most recognised possible pain-relieving effects. In fact, compared to other conventional treatments, they are more effective in reducing pain, inflammation, wound healing, and infection.


It is well known that cloves have anti-inflammatory properties. Experts explicitly advise consuming them to treat arthritis since research in the past has demonstrated that doing so might have significant positive effects. Clove tea or clove oil used topically can both help reduce inflammation.

5- Protect against aging

Additionally rich in antioxidants, cloves can help shield your body from ageing symptoms. Foods high in antioxidants are anti-inflammatory, which promotes health and lifespan.

6-  skin health

Clove oil can also benefit the health of your skin when applied topically. Clove oil is a promising treatment for reducing inflammation in the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cloves have antibacterial qualities as well, which makes them effective in treating acne brought on by bacteria.

Uses for cloves

If used excessively, the warmth, spice, and minty fragrance of cloves might be a bit much. A light hand with the ground cloves will err toward overbearing; a little additional cinnamon sprinkled on top of your eggnog will go down pleasantly.

To freshly crush whole cloves for recipes that call for ground cloves, use a spice grinder or mortar and pestle (just be sure to clean it well after so the scent doesn't linger). Others might specify that entire cloves should boil with the meal and be taken out at the end like a bay leaf. This is crucial since, even after being roasted, whole cloves aren't the most enjoyable to bite into.


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