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Kitty. How to breed cats

How to breed cats?

1 - Create a shopping list for your new cat

Raising cats at home is very similar to raising a human child, and before you bring the cat you will need to shop and buy a lot of gadgets, such as a cat litter box, a litter shovel, a plastic or cardboard transport bag, a food bowl, a brush, a kitten's hut or a bed for sleeping, a scratching post for toys, and definitely do not forget to prepare cat food. 

Kitty. How to breed cats

When the cat finds all her needs ready, she will feel that she is a member of the family and not a visitor do not forget that the shopping process should be a few days before the day of bringing the cat

2-Prepare a safe room for your cat

The important thing you need to know when raising cats is that they need a comfortable place, as they can return to it when they need to rest and relax, and equipping a safe room for a cat does not mean that it should be a separate room, but it can be an empty closet, a corner in your bedroom, or one of the bathrooms that you do not use at home. 

Cats like to socialize with people voluntarily, but they also need time to disappear and remain alone, and their disappearance may initially take a long time, perhaps several days to a week or more, so your patience at this stage will lead to positive results, and make your relationship with your cat happier

3-Secure the house for the new friend

After securing the necessities, bringing the complete shopping list, and preparing a comfortable safe room for the cat, the third step comes, which is home insurance, and home insurance means protecting cats from everything that may harm them at home, as well as keeping your belongings from being played by cats and damaged by them. 

Protecting cats in your home is not a difficult job, all you have to do is try to think like a cat, and, for example, put locking handles with rubber bands on the cabinets so that cats cannot get into them. 

4-Time to bring the cat home

After completing the previous cat breeding steps that we mentioned, the Happy Day Comes, which is the day to bring the cat home, preferably not to make the event a big family one, especially if you have a small child, because he may be very stressed or afraid of the cat, it is better to prepare him well and before enough time. 

5 - Take the cat to visit a veterinarian

After bringing your new cat, the first visit to the veterinarian is of paramount importance, to make sure for yourself of his health, getting vaccines and virus testing, if it has not been done, you need to schedule an appointment to sterilize your new cat, and if you ever feel that the cat is unwell, contact the veterinarian you are following up with, consult him and hear his recommendations about the matter. 

6 - Know the diet of your cat

Knowing the cat's diet early will set the pace for her health for the rest of her life, and knowing the ingredients of her food will also help ensure the longevity of the cat, ensuring the quality of life she wants for this new family member. 

Although cats come from desert breeds, clean and fresh water is necessary for them, especially if they are on a dry diet, be sure to read the labels of cat food every time to find out what to feed your cat, keep doing this until she feels safe and feeds her what suits her, once she learns to read food labels, raising cats will become easier and it becomes a habit. 

7-Prepare the litter box and take care of sleeping arrangements

The litter box is crucial for the comfort and health of the new cat, then with careful maintenance of the litter box and periodic litter change, you will never have to worry about unpleasant odors or that your cat will take its litter out of the box.

You need to keep the sleeping place in mind when raising cats, will the cat share the bed with you, or will she buy her own small bed for her, and do not forget that what you will accustom her to will last with her for life.

8 - Take care of your cat's scratching needs

The unwanted scratching behavior is the main reason why people give up raising cats and pay for shelter, scratching is as necessary as eating and breathing, and claws are one of the most important parts of a cat's body. 

You get all the tools you will need to help your cat scratch; you are guaranteed that your cat will do the stretches she needs, without sacrificing the carpets and furniture of the House. 

9 - Play with your cat

One of the most important things you need to do when raising cats is to play with them to create bonding, as cats love to play and are experts in inventing their own toys, and before you invest in expensive cat toys, try the things around the House, paper bags are very fun, as well as cardboard boxes.

If you feel that your cat needs to play in the fresh air and sunshine, there are safe ways for her to go outdoors, such as the roof of a closed House, and you can train her if you are worried that she will encounter another animal outside. 

10 - Make your cat a family member for life

Over time, your relationship with your new cat will become stronger than ever, and you and your family consider your cat a beloved family member rather than a pet. 

Your enthusiasm for owning a cat must have increased after knowing these simple steps, do not hesitate to raise cats and make them a member of the family, cats are cute and friendly creatures, follow the steps we mentioned, choose the breed you like, and enjoy the company of the new friend.


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