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White hair.6 ways to cure premature white hair

It is normal for hair color to change with age, but it is not normal for gray hair to appear at an early age or during adolescence because it makes a person look older than his age, and indicates the presence of a health problem that requires a solution or treatment of early white hair permanently.

White hair.6 ways to cure premature white hair

What is early white hair " early graying "?

Early graying is defined as the hair turning gray at least 10 years or more before the normal time to reach it.

The body contains millions of follicles that contain the pigment melanin, which gives the hair its characteristic color of black, yellow, or red, depending on each person's genetic genes, and it is normal that the risk of hair turning gray increases by 10% to 20% every decade after the age of thirty, and in old age. The hair gradually loses this pigment, turning into a gray or white color, and usually does not need treatment.

But it is necessary to look for a cure for early white hair permanently when young people under the age of twenty lose that pigment that causes premature graying as a result of the death of cells that produce the dye in the hair shaft, at that point the hair shaft could not produce colored strands of hair.

What causes the appearance of early white hair?

To know the treatment plan for early white hair definitively, it is necessary to know the reasons that led to it, which are usually genetic causes, nutritional deficiencies, stress, hormonal disorders, and scalp disorders.

The factors that cause early graying include:


It is the main reason, and if the phenomenon of early graying is widespread in your family and your family, you are more susceptible to the phenomenon of white hair at an early age, it is important to know the treatment of early white hair permanently and help them with it and try to follow tips to prevent the occurrence of early graying for you.

Nutritional deficiencies

A lack of vitamin B12, B6 or biotin, or vitamin E is one of the causes of the appearance of white hair.

Studies pointed to the relationship between nutritional deficiencies with gray hair and proved the existence of a strong relationship between them, the fewer vitamins and elements such as copper and vitamin D in food affected the hair dye and it was necessary to search for early treatment for white hair definitively.


Oxidative stress: it is the lack of the body's production of antioxidants that work to get rid of free harmful impurities in the body that cause aging and its manifestations.

So; chronic stress works on the appearance of premature graying of hair and even causes hair loss.

What are the risk factors leading to the appearance of prematurely white hair 

These factors increase the risk of early graying, they include:

Certain medical conditions

The conditions that require early and definitive treatment of white hair include those that are related to autoimmune disorders such as:


It is an immune defect that causes the loss of pigment cells because the immune system is disturbed and attacks the scalp instead of infection for that; vitiligo may cause the hair to turn gray due to the death of melanin cells or loss of their function.

The patient with alopecia areata: 

Is more prone to the appearance of early gray hair, because the hair falls out in the form of spots, especially colored hair, and the treatment of early white hair is a compromise solution in this case.

Thyroid disorders: 

a person with an imbalance of thyroid hormones may be the most susceptible among others to the occurrence of early graying.

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disease that causes the growth of tumors on the nerves, and the occurrence of changes in the skin and bones, which makes the patient of this disease prone to early graying.

Other cases

Such as smoking, various life stresses, and some cosmetic products for hair may cause graying after a period of using them.

Treatment of white hair 

The treatment of early white hair varies completely depending on the cause, including؛

Treatment of white hair at home 

Follow a full-fledged diet

If the cause of white hair is a lack of nutrition, then follow a healthy diet rich in antioxidants in sufficient quantity as they prevent the appearance of white hair, and are abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, olive oil, and fish.

And black hair returns again after adjusting the eating regimen.

Black tea

It is used as a method of treating premature white hair permanently and also in preventing the appearance of gray hair, by soaking 3 bags of tea in boiling water and leaving it until it cools, then putting it on clean and wet hair, leaving it for an hour and then washing it. This way the hair is black and shinier.

Onion juice

Apply onion juice twice a week to your scalp and wash it off with shampoo after 30 minutes.

Curry leaves

This is one of the natural remedies that work on white hair.

Sesame and coconut oil

Natural oils are important in maintaining the luster of hair.

Medical means for the treatment of white hair 

The doctor prescribes natural medicinal drugs that do not have side effects and are useful in cases of early graying, such as:

Leukopodiam drugs

Stops the process of graying and also contributes to the treatment of digestive disorders.

Thyroid medications 

The thyroid gland has a role in the treatment of early white hair permanently, as it serves as a maestro for the body and any imbalance in it affects the hair.

Phosphorus medication

Phosphorus prevents further graying of hair, which is useful for people with graying hair accompanied by hair loss, dandruff, and an itchy scalp.

Vincamine medication

Useful in the treatment of permanently premature white hair and rashes on the scalp.

Arnica medicine 

A medicinal herb is useful in treating hair problems and strengthening its follicles. 

Dietary supplements

Doctors recommend taking vitamins that the body needs such as folic acid, biotin, and B12 makes the loss of pigment slow.

The element of copper is also important to eat because it has been proven to have an effective role in the appearance of gray hair, and it is found in beef liver, lentils, almonds, dark chocolate, and asparagus.

Tips to prevent the early appearance of white hair

In order not to resort to looking for an early white hair treatment at all, you can take these tips into account so that the hair does not turn gray:

Minimizing stress.

Abstaining from smoking

Grease the hair regularly.

Protect hair from heat.

Do sports or do yoga.

It is preferable to use herbal, organic, and natural shampoos for hair.

Avoid oily, stored, and processed foods.

Always prefer foods rich in biotin.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B12.

Drink natural and freshly squeezed juices at least once a day.

Apply henna to the hair and it is a natural herb that treats the scalp.


Treatment of white hair depends on the cause and includes:

Follow a healthy diet.

Take medications prescribed by a doctor that enhance the pigment melanin.

Apply natural recipes at home.


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