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Skincare. Vitamins useful for the skin

Vitamins useful for the skin

We want to apply the concept of beauty to the face and body and look for vitamins that are beneficial for the skin. And the most beautiful expression of the reflection of beauty on our face and body is undoubtedly our skin. 

In order to achieve the best review of this expression, it is necessary to determine which vitamins are necessary for skin health. The personal care practices we carry out are our greatest help in achieving the beauty we want, but the effects of a healthy body should never be ignored.

Skincare. Vitamins useful for the skin

Vitamins are biologically active substances, and our health and appearance depend on them. Their deficiency entails various problems: from dry skin to serious problems with the immune system. Vitamins are also necessary for the complexion and freshness of the face.

What is the most important vitamin for the skin Some people consider vitamin e to be the most effective for facial skin, while others can spend hours explaining why vitamin C is useful? 

Not looking for which is better for the skin vitamin e or c, it is better to focus your attention on the question of the main vitamins responsible for your condition.

Vitamins for skin freshness

There are some steps we need to take to protect our skin so that it is not adversely affected by environmental factors. Negative factors of the environment inevitably erode our skin to some extent.

At this stage, we need to know which vitamins are good for the skin to get a healthy, vibrant, and smooth skin appearance. In order to rejuvenate our skin, we need to eat healthy food in addition to personal care practices.

The fact that vitamins and antioxidants in our body are not below normal values will ensure that our skin maintains its health. 

So what causes a lack of vitamins and antioxidants in our body In such a situation, our skin loses all its radiance and vibrant appearance, the aging period accelerates, it loses its elasticity, and wrinkles increase.

It will be useful to add vitamin supplements useful for the skin to your daily diet, which will make your skin and hair beautiful and radiant from the inside. And patients understand that a sufficient amount of vitamin E, biotin, zinc, and selenium is extremely important for female beauty.

But not many people know that their reception is possible only in combination with vitamin C, together they act as a powerful shield against the harmful effects of free radicals, protecting all tissues of the body from aging. 

In addition, these vitamins and trace elements are involved in the synthesis of collagen, an essential protein that makes our skin elastic and youthful.

Signs and consequences of vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency often appears on the skin of the face, hands, and feet. What vitamins are missing if:

The skin peels off and Dries. Dry skin is a sign of a lack of vitamins A and E. If your hands constantly need a cream, you should think not only about relieving the symptoms but also about eliminating the cause, using vitamins for dry skin, and eating spinach, tomatoes, dairy, fish, and Kiwi.

Poor regeneration of the epidermis leads to a lack of vitamins, the skin peels off, cracks in the blood, and literally bursts on the fingers. To speed up the recovery processes, vitamin A and a whole complex of B vitamins are used.

Skin problems do not always appear immediately. In the case of vitamin deficiency, it can spend months and years. During this time, against the background of vitamin deficiency, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and even malignant tumors may develop. 

Therefore, prevention and monitoring of the level of vitamins in the body should not be neglected.


Many dermatologists have expressed in recent years, it is necessary to use vitamins useful for the skin to eliminate deficiencies in the body. But of course, too much of everything is as bad as too little. 

Therefore, a person should not decide for himself what vitamins are helpful for the skin and how much to use any supplement. Your doctor should conduct the necessary examinations and analyses for you and determine your needs. 

Then he should tell you in detail which vitamin to take for any deficiency, in what proportion, and at what periods.

In this article, we will provide you with information about the top 5 vitamins that are good for the skin and what are the benefits for the beauty of your skin. 

However, we emphasize once again that the rate of the need for reinforcement is subjective, that is, it varies from person to person. Therefore, you should definitely get in touch with your dermatologist to get the vitamins and antioxidant supplements you are taking.

The benefits of vitamin c for the skin and removing skin spots

The benefits of vitamin c for the skin are shown in getting rid of skin imperfections and skin problems. 

If you have dark spots on your skin, you can find the greatest benefit in lightening the color of these spots or in removing these spots if you have unevenness of color on your skin. Because a lack of vitamin C inhibits the production of melanin, which has a significant effect on the formation of spots.

The benefits of vitamin c for the skin, which has an important effect in reducing the formation of skin wrinkles, also prevent the appearance of dull and tired skin. 

However, although this vitamin is very useful, it is still necessary to be careful in its use. Because vitamin C can cause hypersensitivity in some skin types when used excessively.

The benefits of vitamin e for the skin

Another vitamin that comes to mind when it comes to the most important vitamins that are good for the skin is vitamin E. The main highlight of vitamin e for the face is that it is a powerful antioxidant in addition to its nourishing and healing effects. 

Vitamin e for the skin, which provides protection in particular against negative factors that may come from the environment, also has the advantage of being a skin moisturizer and is the vitamin responsible for skin freshness. 

Vitamin e has a great effect in fighting scars, burn marks, and acne. It's not just that. This vitamin, which has great benefits for the skin, is extremely useful for hair and nails.

Vitamin A for the skin

“If you need a deep cleansing and you have acne and blackhead skin, vitamin A for the skin will be your most important assistant”

When it comes to vitamins that are good for the skin, one of the vitamins that should not be left out is vitamin A. Vitamin A for the skin is very effective, especially on oily and acne-prone skin. 

Vitamin A for the skin is one of the most effective vitamins in purifying the skin from blackheads and cleaning the pores deeply. Vitamin A for the skin also greatly helps to balance the level of lipids in the skin.

The benefits of vitamin A for the skin, as retinol in the content of skin care products, leave a very powerful effect with its regenerative feature. This regenerative feature provides a slow exfoliation of skin tissues. 

In order for this useful feature not to turn into a disadvantage, you should definitely use it under the supervision of your dermatologist. If you have fine lines, wrinkles, and spots on your skin, getting support from vitamin E for the skin is a very effective way to achieve the results you want.

Vitamin D for the skin

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that are good for the skin. As you know, the largest source of vitamin D is sunlight. Especially in the summer months, most of the skin's vitamin D needs are met by the skin's absorption of sunlight. 

However, given the negative effects of the sun on the skin, it is a little difficult to avoid the sun's ultraviolet rays and complete vitamin D deficiency, therefore the need for vitamin D arises in the body. 

Vitamin D has a very effective role in the treatment of psoriasis, especially on the skin. In addition, studies show that vitamin D deficiency can also cause acne on the skin. Because one of the vitamins that have an important effect in fighting inflammation is vitamin D.

Vitamin K

Finally, in the list of the 5 best vitamins for your skin, we need to tell you about vitamin K. Because vitamin K has an undeniable effect on the healing of wounds and bruises on the skin. 

Vitamin K has the advantage of being a very effective vitamin against dark spots, cuts, and bruises on the skin due to circulatory problems in the veins. We recommend not using this vitamin without consulting a doctor.

If you also want to benefit from its applications against skin problems caused by vitamin deficiency and decided to get radiant, healthy, and smooth skin with effective treatment, you can contact the Quartz clinic in Turkey Istanbul and get an appointment with a dermatologist.

Types of vitamins useful for the skin

Vitamin supplements, taking such drugs affect not only the internal processes of the body, but will certainly affect the appearance, such supplements are the best solution when the problem is not fully understood, or when there is a need for general improvement.

Individual vitamins (in capsules, tablets, powders), use is effective if you have already determined which vitamin is not enough in the body, or if there is a doctor's recommendation on which vitamins to take in your case.

Proper nutrition most likely, you yourself noticed how bad eating habits are reflected on the skin. Usually, they make themselves felt, manifested in the form of acne, and pallor of the skin. To improve appearance, in this case, it is enough to create a regime of sleep, drinking, and nutrition.

Cosmetic masks, whether prepared on your own or purchased at a pharmacy, help to urgently deliver nutrients to the skin cells of the face.

The most effective methods include a combination of all these methods. However, it should be remembered that different vitamins are absorbed in different ways, and hypervitaminosis is as unpleasant as vitamin deficiency.

Vitamins for the face against wrinkles

Of course, a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are the most important components of a blooming appearance and prolongation of youthful skin. However, to counteract the natural processes leading to aging, facial skin needs additional vitamins. They should be applied locally, in problem areas.

For any skin problems, the effectiveness of the drug will depend not only on its quality but also on how correctly it was chosen, on the condition of the body, as well as on how you followed the recommendations for its use.

The best vitamin for the skin that will help fight wrinkles

It is vitamin C, and its main action is to stimulate the production of collagen. Creams containing it are effective in treating damage caused by excessive sun exposure. Among other things, the vitamin should be taken internally, at least with food there is vitamin C: in cabbage, citrus fruits, spinach, pomegranates, and apricots.

Vitamin E is called The Vitamin of youth. Moisturizes the skin, restores its natural color, and acts as an antioxidant. This vitamin is found in many anti-aging remedies. Food can be obtained from prunes, nuts, vegetables, and seafood.

A wide range of vitamins that help maintain complexion and anti-aging can be taken orally. When choosing which vitamins useful for the skin to drink, pay attention to vitamin and mineral complexes.

The best vitamin for the skin and body

There is no one-size-fits-all skin vitamin. It should be selected depending on age, gender, and other characteristics of the body. For example, women tend to have thin skin, while men tend to have more active sebaceous glands.

And even for a specific person, choosing one system for caring for the entire skin is difficult. The body is more prone to dryness than the face, but it is easier to tolerate active effects, peels, and massage. The area around the eyes requires a light texture and careful processing.

Moreover, all cosmetic procedures have a temporary effect and eliminate the consequences, not the causes. For healthy skin on the face and body, the body needs to be cleansed and moisturized from the inside out.

Rules for taking vitamins for the skin

You should not get carried away with experiments on such an essential issue as skin health, because improper use can nullify the effectiveness of any product, and sometimes cause harm, to prevent negative consequences, follow simple rules:

Deciding whether you need a general improvement of the body or a specific urgent problem that needs to be dealt with first, the choice of a complex treatment or a course of certain vitamins, the deficiency of which affects the skin, depends on this.

Consult a dermatologist, and the doctor will be able to determine which products your skin needs and in what form.

No need to combine the use of individual vitamins with complex treatments, choose one option.

Take vitamins regularly, and observe a break of two to three months between taking the complexes.

Apply to your skin vitamin masks “masks " once a week.

Eat right, and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Things to remember when choosing vitamins that are good for the skin vitamins useful for the skin are pharmaceutical preparations or dietary supplements. The components in its composition are able to fight premature aging. 

In addition, the content of useful components in cosmetic vitamins is greater than in standard multivitamin complexes.

It is necessary to take vitamins if you get tired quickly, your immunity weakens, your skin condition worsens, your hair begins to grow slowly, and your nails become thinner.

Do not take vitamins that are good for the skin if you have hypersensitivity to one of their components. It is better to consult a doctor before buying.

The vitamins that the skin needs are safe. This is confirmed by clinical trials. And vitamins useful for the skin help to effectively prevent the appearance of signs of aging.


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