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Immune Shield Reviews

Immune Shield is an immune booster; and is not meant for diagnoses, treatment, or prevention of any medical condition. Likewise, the supplement wasn't made as a cure for any disease.

Immune Shield Reviews

Immune Shield is one of the popular dietary supplements that increases the immune system's ability to protect the body from germs or diseases. 

Turmeric Rhizome is a critical content of this formula, which promotes a safe inflammation response. Similarly, the Quercetin from Raspberry fruit, Olive leaf, or Green Tea leaf cleanses the body of harmful substances. 

This supplement is fortified with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Selenium. These are potent antioxidants that support the body's immune system. 

This article shows how this formula helps you get a robust immune system. 

Product Overview 

Immune Shield is one of the few doctor-evaluated supplements that can effectively improve the function of your immune system

Developed by Atkin Formulations in an FDA-certified Facility, this popular supplement supports overall wellness. In addition, the scientists behind the product follow the current good manufacturing practices religiously to ensure the product's safety. 

Immune Shield is an immune booster; and is not meant for diagnoses, treatment, or prevention of any medical condition. Likewise, the supplement wasn't made as a cure for any disease. 

The contents work together and provide immune support to the body. 

As a result, Immune Shield is one of the complete formulas you can find to support your body's natural immune system. 

It can prevent you from falling sick by making your system attack and kill germs rapidly. Furthermore, the FDA evaluated and certified the use of this product as an immune supplement.



This product comes in a bottle with a safety seal. The product is a herbal complex packaged within capsules. 

The FDA certification ensures purity during the manufacturing process. Atkin Formulations' products meet all the high standards set by the agency. 

It is non-GMO and does not contain additives. Vitamins are one of the main contents and are important for promoting immune function. 

You can take this supplement as part of your daily routine for general wellness. 


Here are some features that made Immune Shield stand out among other immune boosters: 

Strengthens the Immune System 

Immune Shield contains nutrients like Selenium, a naturally-occurring mineral, and Quercetin - which is found in the Green Tea leaf. These nutrients have been known for their immune support. 

In addition, you'll also get ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and Vitamin E. 

As a result, this dietary supplement helps the immune system by increasing its response to germs and other invading foreign bodies. It also aids the production of more healthy cells that protect your body, such as white blood cells. 

Guards against Allergies 

Allergies occur when the body reacts to certain conditions like cold, heat, or plant pollen in the air. Occasionally, allergies take a wild turn and can make one fall ill. 

This formula employs ingredients known for their inflammation-suppressing qualities. As a result, one will not feel the full effect of the allergy provided you used Immune Shield early enough. 

The formula also pushes the body's immune system to control the inflammation that results from allergies. 

Detoxifies the Body 

Apart from providing immune support, this dietary supplement also removes dangerous substances in the body. These radicals are very reactive and can cause cell death if they remain in the body. 

The antioxidants in Immune Shield bind with these harmful substances and change them into non-reactive compounds that are safe and can be easily removed through the urine. 

Protects Organs 

Essential nutrients in Immune Shield, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Quercetin, protect the many vital organs in the body from harm. These beneficial compounds ensure your organs have healthy cells and function properly. 

The nutrients in Immune Shield could strengthen the heart and eyes. In addition, this dietary supplement can also assist the liver as it carries out its natural detox action. 

Reduces Inflammation 

When inflammation occurs, the body tries to control the situation. Sometimes, the body responds by destroying more cells so it can arrest the inflammation. Sadly, this action leads to the death of more cells, resulting in more pain and swelling. 

Immune Shield contains Turmeric, which helps the body by suppressing inflammations and assisting the body's immune system in taking control. This way, it saves the body from more pain and discomfort. 

Makes up for Poor Diet 

A poor diet can affect the immune system negatively. If one's food lacks nutrients like minerals and vitamins, such a person might fall sick easily. 

This dietary supplement makes up for this gap in nutrition by supplying the essential nutrients the body needs in an easy-to-absorb form. 

This way, this formula bolsters the immune system's natural function. 


  • Improves immune system function 

  • Does not have genetically-modified organisms 

  • Comes with a product label 

  • Contains important vitamins 

  • 60-day money-back guarantee available 

  • produced in an FDA-certified facility 

  • Plenty of positive reviews from customers 

  • Results evident in a few weeks 


  • Not recommended for people with swallowing issues 

  • Free shipping is not available for some packages 


Let's look at some natural nutrients that gave this product its powerful abilities below: 


Primarily, Turmeric improves the body's response to inflammation. This nutrient could also help neutralize toxins, general immune response, and burn off fat in the body. 

Vitamin E 

This vitamin is one of the powerful antioxidants in Immune Shield. Its main function is to make toxic compounds produced by invading germs harmless so the body can remove them. 


This compound occurs in the Green Tea leaf or Raspberry fruit. Extracting this compound also brings Vitamin C into this dietary supplement. Quercetin helps detoxify the body's systems for healthier organ function. 

It can also support wellness and may prevent other health conditions like diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. 


Selenium is an essential micronutrient like Zinc. This element prevents oxidative stress in cells and saves organs from early cell death. 

In addition, it also protects against viruses and increases cell lifespan. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Immune Shield contain Vitamin C? 

Yes. This product contains vitamins C and E. Both work together to improve the body's response to germs and diseases. 

Can Immune Shield protect the immune system? 

Yes. Immune Shield ensures that the immune system does not get overpowered when one falls sick. This way, one can recover from the illness quickly. 

Does Immune Shield boost the body's natural defense? 

Yes. Immune Shield increases your immune system's response to germs and other disease-causing organisms. This way, you'll fall sick less often. 

Wrapping Up 

There's a very extensive list of benefits one would gain from using Immune Shield. This product is among the few world-class supplements that deliver real value for money. 

While it does not treat any disease, this product saves you from catching diseases easily since it beefs up the body's defense systems. The vitamins here ensure you get more protection here than from other supplements. 

Immune Shield is one product you should try - especially with the 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Affiliate Disclosure: 

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